Carbon Fiber Manufacturing creating innovation from Aerospace to the Automotive Racing industry

CF Green

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing has now branched off from aerospace products and now brings to race teams and chassis builders the ability to use carbon fiber on a more cost effective basis due to our low overhead.

We at Carbon Fiber Manufacturing have an extensive knowledge of composite structures which include graphite, fiberglass and other aramid materials.

We at Carbon Fiber Manufacturing also know racing. We have our own Pro Modified 1968 Camaro (IHRA, NHRA), and have worked with five Winston Cup and Grand National teams.

Some of our products have been full car bodies, hoods, doors, fenders, air foils, wing struts, cold air induction boxes (NASCAR), driver leg braces (NASCAR), valve covers (SBC. + BBC.), Floor boards, shifters, knobs, linkage rods, brackets. flat sheets, motorcycle parts, seats, airplane structures, nose cones, and much much more.

We custom build just about anything and on a small minimum order! We build all our own molds or use yours. We also do fiberglass products for industrial application.

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing also believes in the strictest confidentiality, (for you teams that want to try new things without every one and their brother knowing)!

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